Charles Butler Jr

Aug 27, 2021

2 min read

Hello, World / Hello, Java pt.1

Java was one of the first languages I was introduced to when I was growing up. In middle school I utilized Java to make games along side flash in my computer software class, crazy that if I knew where I would end-up career wise. I would’ve been better off continuing down that path. Regardless Java is now in my focus and from learning the basics we can see how high level & powerful this class based OOP language actually is.

My first deep dive into Java brought me to HackerRanks course and problems, where we have to break down how different the source code is written.

Here you can see how you begin your code. Starting with a class name, to which the file will match. Here our class is titled “Solution” and after you begin with the main() method code that takes in a string and arguments.

Next we’ll utilize the println() method to have our customary Hello, World be printed out. Running this function will allow us to pass the first and second tests in the hackerRank problem.